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Make it China

Marketing, Branding, Social Media

MAKE IT CHINA was born out of the real need for services that bring together the best of China, and the best of the West. Cultural and language barriers are still the number one downfall for any foreign business trying to break into the Chinese market, and vice versa. We enable British and European brands to land in China, and we consult and assist Chinese companies on marketing and route to market in the West.

Key People

Dennis Hu CEO

Dennis Hu is a Chinese native from Hunan Province, with a numbers of years experience in manufacturing, distribution, negotiation, consultancy and management. Dennis began his international career in the Bicycle industry, but has since been involved with a number of large, industrial and municipal Chinese clients.

Willow Hu Director of Marketing

Willow Hu has specialised in social media since 2011 and first went to live and work in China in 2010. Willow is particularly interested in communication, as well as China's role on the world stage.


13 Orchard Street



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