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Skylark Media Group

TV / Film / Video, Motion Graphics, Marketing

There’s so much video out there at the moment that it makes it hard to stand out. That's what we can help you with. 

The brands that are doing it well are engaging with their audience on an emotional level which means their videos are easy to share because they are funny, emotional, heart warming or educational.  Your audience has sophisticated taste and is receptive to brands that tell a story and prioritise narrative and audience engagement over selling.   

It can feel like a brave step, but if you put the story first, love for your brand will follow. 


Imagine a world where your business pitch is done for you, where it is repeated time and again wherever people want to hear it, without any effort from you.  This is a pitch which carries all the images, business plans and emotion that you want to convey to your target market.  And it can all be done through a video that sells whilst you sleep.

We specialise in communicating your core message, specialising in healthcare, engineering and food. Our team's background as BBC documentary makers and marketeers means that we mix stunning visuals with excellent story telling. 

We run projects from the brainstorm to the handover- and everything in between. We won't leave you in the dark afterwards either: we offer ongoing support to host and market your brand new films, to ensure that they are effectively reaching your target audience and converting your goals into wins. 

Happy clients include Sage, Imperial College London, The Natural History Museum, Oasis Dental Care and many more. 
Our repertoire of films includes: 
- Induction videos 
- Television commercials 
- Promotional films 
- Training films 
- Events 
- Videos for e-learning 

No matter your budget, we will deliver outstanding quality and unbeatable effectiveness. 

If you'd like to hear more, please get in touch on +44117 2580011 or alternatively contact Jo Haywood on +447817 599234


Promotional Videos

Promotional video has become one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools available this year. Over 98% of household names now use promotional films to push their services via website, social networks and even email campaigns. Promotional videos are directly targeted to the primary audience, and a well planned promo video will deliver the company's message in a clear, direct and engaging way, which is why you need a promotional video that will communicate the benefits of your service...

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Testimonial Videos

If you've got a great relationship with your customers you need to shout about it. There is no better way to sell your business than to get a raving fan to do it for you. Not only that, if your customer has a glamorous working environment, you can use it as the location for your film. Our interviewing style will immediately put your customer at ease and allow them to tell their story with enthusiasm. We also have...

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Internal Comms

Video content is shared 1200% more than links and text posts combined. A video is not only memorable and relatable for your clients on an emotional level, it also lends credibility and professionalism to your business. Videos appear in 70% of the top 100 search results listing, and creates 3 x more inbound links to your website than plain text or images. Video presents an engaging opportunity to share vital messages and communicate in a more personal way than traditional internal...

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Events Filming

An event is an exciting and often prestigious event, and should be documented, recorded and celebrated. Not only does an event film serve to commemorate the event in question, but it also acts to showcase the highlights for those interested in the subject. An event film also acts to promote the topic at the heart of the event, and encourage more people to get involved. It showcases the prestige and attraction, the excitement and the buzz. The Skylark team have a...

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TV Commercials

A TV commercial is one of the most powerful and far reaching marketing resources for a business, particularly if you have a product you wish to showcase to a particular demographic. TV advertising is often overlooked as a luxury exclusive to big name companies and can get expensive. At Skylark we understand this, and ensure that we work within your budget to deliver a BBC standard video. We?ll work with you as a team to assess your overall objectives, get to...

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Manufacturing and Engineering

We enjoy getting involved with the nitty gritty of a product build, particularly when sparks fly. We also believe that customers and clients love to see how their purchase investment is being created, put together and polished off. Seeing the "behind-the-scenes" making of a product adds real value to that item, as well as showcasing the effort and manufacturer's attention to detail that goes into it. Manufacturing and engineering videos aren't just for your clients: they can also work as a...

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Filming Food

The team at Skylark Media are experts in filming food to make it look gorgeous. We know that you need your food to look mouth-watering and irresistible, and we ensure that our films capture your product in absolutely the best light. Our team love to create ideas and storyboards that will result in informative, attractive, and addictive viral videos. We don't stop there; we also love to shoot films showcasing the functionality and beauty of kitchen fittings and appliances, and how...

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Health and Wellbeing

The health and cosmetic industry is booming. There are now a whole host of treatments and services for the health and wellbeing of patients, and the market has gotten incredibly competitive. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Skylark specialise in showcasing the vibrant, friendly environment and professional treatment experienced by clients in a medical working environment through the medium of film. Your business has a distinct unique selling point; something that makes your clients choose you ...

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Key People

Ellis Fox Edit Assistant

James Sampson Director/editor

James’ background is in film and tv production, where he honed his knack for combining compelling storytelling with stunning visuals. He now directs and edits super stylish videos here at Skylark. He also has a house rabbit that speaks only Portuguese, and is learning the language in hopes of one day communicating with her.

Joseph Goldman Director/editor

Joseph specialises in combining stunning live footage with dynamic motion graphics. He focuses on capturing genuine, heartwarming interviews, as well as shooting beautiful and engaging representations of the clients and environments that he works in.
(Mostly) outside of work, Joseph practices Jiu Jitsu, boxing and enjoys good food and beer.

Jo Haywood Managing Director

Jo runs the team at Skylark Media.  Before starting the company in 2005 she ran the BBC online Lifestyle team in Bristol and prior to that produced and directed science documentaries for BBC and Channel 4.  In her spare time she captains the local ladies tennis team - who won their division this year.

Key Skills

  • motion graphics
  • animation
  • 3d
  • logos
  • slow motion
  • timelapse
  • green screen
  • infographics
  • location filming
  • interviews

Key Clients

  • Bp
  • Nhs
  • New Forest National Park
  • Oasis Dental Care
  • Bbc
  • Ovo Energy
  • Aon
  • Shell
  • Mondelez
  • Trigon Pensions
  • Suttons Seeds


c/o Aardman Animations



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