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Helen Sharpe Seeking New Opportunities

Marketing, TV / Film / Video, Copywriting

Streamlining your efficiency has never been easier with these skills.


1. Creating multi-platform content.  With this copywriting for web and press, photo and video creation and social media content, overcome your FOMO by getting it all ASAP. 

2. Creating multi-platform strategies.  Because YouTube, press, events, websites and social media should always be best buddies.

3.   Social media management.  Whether you’re tweeting, updating Facebook, Youtubing or obsessed with Instagram get your users updated.

4. Film and video.  The ultimate medium to get your message across whether it’s through professional filmmaking or if it calls for yet another funny cat video.

5. Press and publishing.  Get press coverage and work with publishers to make your brand visible AF.

6. Creating relationships with external stakeholders.  Invite and keep helpful people to work with your company whatever the weather.

7. Client facing work.  Keep that personal touch because there’s no substitute for face-face.

8. Events management.  Get out there and be seen!

9. Administration.  The ‘staple’ of any office.

10. Cuddling puppies.  Obviously.

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