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Matt Thurling

Digital / Mobile

I have 25 years experience producing interactive digtial media to the highest standards. I won the first ever interactive BAFTA, created the online presence for virtual band Gorillaz, worked on award-winning titles for PC and Playstation at EA Games, and founded two highly successful online companies.

I offer freelance and whitelabel digital / mobile development services to agencies in Bristol, working both individually or with a 'dream team' hand picked from my network.

I can help you make a lot more profit - without you doing anything!

Key Skills

  • developer
  • laravel
  • react
  • react native
  • mobile
  • ios
  • android
  • php
  • golang
  • javascript
  • bitcoin
  • fintech
  • web
  • api
  • devops
  • gcp


20a Fremantle Square, Bristol



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