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Accurate Technologies Ltd

All Sectors, Digital / Mobile, UX

Accura-Tech was founded by myself I5  years ago with the aim of providing IT services to Western clientele, especially in the UK and US. My company has also been a launch-pad for a myriad of entrepreneurs to help convert and build their ideas into online businesses and software products.



From our inception, Accura-Tech was involved in the creation of a radical video streaming solution called Splash Video for a client in the UK. This was in fact more than ten years ago when many users had to contend with narrow bandwidth for streaming video. We created a suite comprising video conferencing, video mail, and screen sharing, which was intended to function optimally and smoothly through the narrow bandwidth technology of yesteryear. This product was eventually sold by our client through a highly lucrative deal.



Accura-Tech has assisted in the creation of many products for clients across a range of industries such as the GPS industry, the legal industry, and Web 2.0 world - social media apps, and mobile apps. I have also created a multitude of strategic business partnerships, and cross reselling partnerships involving various types of products and services.



We have formed a brilliant software development team in Colombo, Sri Lanka in order to cater specifically to the UK digital agencies, and have employed positive and potential talents, trained them, and indoctrinated the industry’s Best Practices as their religion, which includes the key components of attention to detail and quality.





















































We have forged several B2B partnerships with UK digital agencies where Accura- Tech have streamlined their processes and carried out training over the years to create a working model on a one-to-one basis, which has immensely benefited the digital agencies all over the UK. Essentially, we have mastered the creation of a happy outsourcing relationship. A win-win model.




Accura-Tech have also identified how to marry the talents of technical people from various backgrounds, locations and skills in order to create dynamic teams to fulfil our customers’ needs, and achieve results using various software tools and agile methodologies.



Accura-Tech also believes in giving back to the community and often employs individuals with less opportunities in the technical field, usually from Sri Lankan villages. They are systematically and meticulously trained to become world-class resources as part of our corporate social responsibility initiative.



In some cases, Accura-Tech was the front-end programmer of the digital agencies, based on a business model termed “how to become your front-end coder”, which is a ready plug-in to any digital agency. Currently, there are three UK leading digital agencies already using this model. Our teams cater to all the digital agencies using this model to date.



401D,New Bridewell, Nelson St,



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