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Business Services

Solverboard is an Open Innovation Management Platform.

We believe in Human Intelligence. Solverboard helps organisations to inspire, capture, measure and reward the collective intelligence of their people, their network and the world to deliver genuine value.

Our cost-effective, easy-to-use platform cuts across organisational silos to inspire, capture, measure and reward the collective intelligence of your organisation.

Turn employee imagination into business innovation. Unlock potential, get people thinking.

Engage everyone in innovation. Our platform is designed to be easy to use on any device, with leaderboards and notifications to help keep users engaged. 

Discover your best thinkers. Harness collective intelligence, engage everyone, and get people working together, rewarding them accordingly.

Cut across business silos. Allow employees across teams, offices and countries to connect on a centralised cloud-based platform.

Measure the impact of ideas. Analyse platform usage and engagement to help keep track on ROI of your business innovation.

Get everyone collaborating. People are at their best when they’re working together. Get teams, individuals and organisations working together to hit strategic goals.

Key People

Philip Atherton Founder

Charlie Widdows Co-Founder

Key Skills

  • business innovation
  • employee engagement
  • collaboration technology
  • people and culture
  • creative thinking
  • digital transformation
  • strategy and planning
  • sustainability
  • leadership and change management


Unit 1.1, Paintworks, Bath Road



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