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Hart & Jones

Branding, Design, Graphic Design

Hart & Jones is an international brand and packaging design agency that combines expertise in semiotics, inisght and design to help brands create stand out growth. We understand better than any other agency why brands look the way they do and exactly what that look is really saying. By using semiotics to unlock the cultural codes that drive consumer choice, we create cut through messages - impactful, appealing, unexplored ways to communicate. And so we deliver beautiful, powerful and effective design without black boxes, ‘gut feel’ or drama.


Vivid Vape range

The look of the booming e-liquids category is old fashioned, complex and very masculine We made the brand name our inspiration: bright, simple and modern but above all with the iconic confidence that befits one of the most important brands in the category

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Birell flavoured range

Birell is the only standalone non-alcoholic beer brand in the Czech Republic. It has a 70%+ market share. We helped Asahi capitalise on the bigger opportunity: to compete with standard carbonates as a natural and refreshing, healthier option for adults

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Sacred Whisky Liqueur

Category changing whisky liqueur. Liqueurs are a dusty, tired category - but cultural change has made cocktails and blends relevant once more. We created an iconic presence that hints at both the clean, fresh flavours derived from vacuum distillation and the romance of Sacred's Highgate provenance.

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Freemans event partners

Freemans are the guys you want behind you when you are putting on a major event. From Formula 1 to Boomtown they deliver everything from the WiFi to the burgers. The identity we created captures that absolute reliability combined with just the right amount of creative passion.

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Sugar Free

Iconic brand architecture. Sugar Free rules the sweetener category in India with an astonishing 94% share. But the brand needed a system that would allow offers in new kinds of sweetener as well as reflect its iconic status.

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Sacred English Whisky

A whisky like no other. The very first London finished English whisky should look very different to the uncompromisingly tough codes of Scotland's local spirit. Our story is of metaphors for the dark and smoky taste of this amazing liquid. Not a windswept moor in sight.

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Key Skills

  • branding
  • packaging
  • semiotics
  • brand positioning
  • naming
  • strategic thinking

Key Clients

  • Ab Inbev
  • Asahi
  • Sacred Spirits
  • Diageo
  • Freemans Event Partners
  • Harvest Foods
  • Zydus Wellness
  • Itc


16 Abbey Churchyard



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