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Mace & Menter

Digital / Mobile, Design, Planning/Strategy

We are a small, highly experienced team of researchers and designers working with organisations that want to significantly improve experiences for their customers.

Often people know that their services could be better but struggle to drive the change forward. We combine behavioural insight, gathered from primary research, with interaction, mobile and web design expertise to create evidence-driven digital services. The goal: meet genuine customer needs and make a real difference.

Whether you’re dealing with a quick discovery sprint, a large scale digital transformation or you just need a website people can use, the starting point is the same: how do your customers behave and what do they need to achieve their goals? Seeing the world through your customers’ eyes is key to driving long term positive change.

Our approach provides evidence to fuel innovation, mitigate risk and ultimately enables you to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Evidence is key to driving change and bringing people with you.


Arnolfini - 1st floor studio



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