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Advertising Strategies In Crisis & Recovery

Published on Tuesday, 26th May 2020, contributed by Noisy Little Monkey

Responsible for a paid ads budget?

Noisy Little Monkey's FREE weekly webinar returns this week for a dicussion of 'Advertising Strategies In Crisis & Recovery' with Jaye Cowle, founder of Launch Online UK.

The advertising landscape has totally shifted in the last couple of months ?

  • Varying Cost Per Clicks
  • A shift in Impression Share
  • Device & platform changes

If you're responsible for a paid ads budget, the big question is: how should you adapt your ad strategy during this crisis?

At this week's Business as Unusual webinar, you'll get the answer to this question and more #PPC insights from the brilliant Jaye. She'll discuss the opportunities available to marketers right now and the tactics you need to implement in order to keep your ads performance strong ?


Date: Thursday 28th May
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Location: Zoom

Get access to an entire hour of free advice on PPC and online advertising at this week's Business as Unusual webinar.

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