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Building UX capability in your team in 2019

Published on Friday, 11th January 2019, contributed by Natural Interaction Ltd

By Alex Ryder - Head of Sales & Marketing at Natural Interaction

Be a partner not a supplier: building UX capability in your team in 2019

Looking back:

It felt right that for our first blog of the new year, we take a moment to look back over the last 12 months. Oh, and of course, share with you our client focused goal for 2019.

2018 was without doubt, a brilliant year for us! We moved to a new, bigger and better office right in the centre of Bristol and doubled the size of our team. We also took on some fantastic projects for clients new and old. We've worked with some brilliant local businesses including Unite Students, National Trust and Immersive Labs and some equally brilliant businesses from further afield too.

A team highlight was seeing Rolf Molich live, imparting his years of wisdom and knowledge of user experience in a talk at Watershed and we also learned a lot from our peers at the various, excellent workshops held at UX Bristol. Adam spoke at UX Live about a subject close to our hearts; remote moderated user research, and is already booked for conferences in the months to come. And on a final note, we saw our meet up group UCD Bristol celebrate its first birthday with a bumper turn out.

So, it's been busy. And we're excited for the future. We’ve got some big things planned…

At our last UCD event of the year we ran a panel discussion in which Adam joined other UX experts from around the city to discuss how UX has changed over the last few years. Everyone was agreed that its changing and growing - mostly for the better -  but that there is still a long way to go when it comes to education and improving UX within organisations.

Looking forward:

This leads us nicely into our goal for 2019: building UX capability within your team!

Sounds odd right, but actually, it’s not. Yes, we’re an agency and as such, we want you to come to us for your UX requirements. But this doesn’t mean we want to keep you in the dark. One of our core guiding principles is this: ‘be a partner not a supplier’. And so, in a world where UX is increasingly important, isn’t it better to work with our clients to build their own in house capacity than keep these skills a secret and hope they choose us to do the work?

Great user experience flows from communicative and open teamwork based on shared goals and assumptions. We offer a range of workshops encourage this behaviour an cover everything from testing assumptions to product definition and agile thinking. We can tailor content to suit and have a range of hands-on activities for your design, marketing and dev teams.

Our UX director on demand service is handy too, for companies who know what they’re doing but sometimes need a sounding board or someone to run ideas past. We can help with job descriptions and interviewing too, to make sure the team you build is right for the job in hand! We want to be a partner not a supplier!

Ongoing training is another option. With over 25 years combined experience, our senior team can coach, mentor and train your staff in the best practices of a range of UX skills including user test moderation, research analysis and wire framing.

January offer:

***Head over to our website to see what this is!*** 

If you want to book a workshop, talk to us about the UX requirements in your business or want to build your team and need our help, contact us now to arrange a coffee and chat. FYI, cake is optional but always welcome - our 2019 goals don’t include dieting!