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Helping a local charity Flourish

Published on Friday, 7th December 2018, contributed by Flourish

Charity is close to our heart. We have worked with charities large and small, across the world, on all aspects of fundraising activity from acquisition and supporter communications, to legacy and new product development – both on and offline.

In August this year we were approached by a local mental health charity, Cintre, to refresh their brand. We don’t often get the chance to work with smaller local charities, so we jumped at the chance to work with them...

Their challenge

Cintre is a dynamic residential and community support service for adults living with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Conditions in Bristol and the surrounding area.

Mental health is an increasingly prominent topic in the news and public conversation and the charity’s future aim is to expand the reach of its services to members of the public as well as continuing to support service users with local authority funding.

Their challenge was that very few people in the Bristol area have heard of Cintre. And those who have wonder what ‘cintre’ means. Added to that they felt their branding was too corporate and that the logo didn’t feel relevant to their work.

Finding a solution

A ‘cintre’ is a tool used by architects to support the construction of an arch until it is capable of holding itself independently. In this way, Cintre provide the necessary support to vulnerable people to help maximise independence and their ability to stand strong, resilient and unaided.

Our brief was to refresh the charity’s brand assets to be more reflective of the charity’s purpose. Initially this was a new logo, new colours and an icon style. It was important that the new brand style appealed to a wide range of stakeholders including service users, supporters and local authority staff and commissioners.

Working together

We collaborated closely with Matt Winyard, Cintre’s Marketing and Fundraising Manager, to shape the new brand. The new logo design included a simplified ‘cintre’ and blocks forming an arch with one of the blocks missing. In this way we were able to give a visual description of the charity name’s meaning, and demonstrate the work it does – enabling vulnerable people to live more independently and support themselves. The font and logo design is playful in a hand drawn style, which reflects the way in which the charity supports its service users – with choice and flexibility to meet their needs.

Careful thought was given to the colour selection. The primary palette of blue and yellow convey trust and optimism. And the secondary palette, instils confidence, integrity and happiness. All-important values which align with the charity’s core values – Integrity, Collaboration, Empathy, Quality and Wellbeing.

“We have really enjoyed working with Flourish on this project. The new logo and brand assets they have produced look fantastic both online and in print. Their team offered key insights at every stage of the development process, and it is clear they have a huge amount to offer to charity clients.” (Thanks Matt!)

The new brand launches this week and as always it’s lovely to see work come to fruition.  If you’d like to find out how we can help your charity, please get in touch with Laura Mildon on 0117 317 7634 or