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Published on Wednesday, 5th December 2018, contributed by Six

Every Christmas we think about how all of us at Six can use our skills to help others, and this year we’re focusing on St Mungo’s, a charity and housing association committed to ending homelessness and rebuilding lives.

When looking further into the charity, the issues and their work, we watched a clip that was on Channel 4 News this autumn, which featured some of the initiatives spearheaded by St Mungo’s. A homeless man called Wesley said that he just wanted to get back on his own two feet again: and for us, this captured a big part of what this charity works so hard to do.

So this Christmas we’re using our #OwnTwoFeet to help raise awareness (and some money) for St Mungo’s through our clients and social channels, and highlight the work this charity does with people who are sleeping rough, in hostels and at risk of homelessness.

And on Wednesday 12 December we’ll be taking on Bristol’s Christmas Steps Challenge. Between 7.45am and 1.45pm, teams of us will be sprinting/running/walking up and down this famous festive landmark, with some of the team from St Mungo’s joining us to raise money on the spot.

You can find out more about this amazing charity and its varied work at – please take a moment to read and watch some of the stories featured. And keep an eye on our social channels for more on #OwnTwoFeet and further details of our Christmas Steps Challenge.