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How information design underpins the internet

Published on Thursday, 27th September 2018, contributed by Natural Interaction Ltd

by Kathryn Davies - Head of User Research at Natural Interaction.

How information design underpins the internet

Anyone who’s been involved with the UX design of a website will have at some point made some decisions about how to organise content, order pages and allow interaction with page elements. This is information design and it underpins the internet.

We tend to think of these elements as the navigation, user journey flow and (most commonly) filter and sort. Many of us use them almost blindly, relying on their ubiquity to give us solid building blocks for the core parts of our site. Thankfully though, each of these elements is underpinned by tried and tested information design theory. This allows us to use them with confidence.

Information design extends beyond websites and into the wider arena of any system which holds information. For example, libraries, road signs and maps, and even organisational design in workplaces all benefit. Broadly, there are three main methods of organisation and categorising content and we make use of all three on most websites.

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