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Google launches mobile first indexing for all websites

Published on Wednesday, 15th August 2018, contributed by eckhoMedia Ltd

Over the past few weeks Google has been officially launching its mobile first indexing algorithm for all websites, this now means that the search engine giant, Google will now use the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking in search results.

As visitors to websites from mobile devices increase and overtake access from conventional desktop or laptop computers, Google will now use the mobile version of any website to help users find the information, products or services that they are searching for.

In the past Google’s system of crawling, ranking and indexing websites have used the desktop only version of the website and content, this has caused issues for visitors when they arrive at a website and the mobile version is completely different from the desktop version.

From analysis of our own client’s traffic we are seeing that on average visits from mobile devices are currently 60% of all traffic, with 35% being from desktops and laptops and the remaining 5% from other internet connected devices.

The need for a responsive website is extremely necessary to ensure your website stays visible to your potential customers and visitors, with this new change by Google if your website isn’t mobile friendly it will likely disappear from view in the top search results and be replaced by your competitor’s website.

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