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Bristol feature film makes waves internationally

Published on Friday, 6th July 2018, contributed by Level Films

A feature length adventure-travel documentary, produced by Level Films in Bristol, is now into it’s second year of an international festival tour and it shows no sign of stopping.   

The Endless Winter; Surfing Europe tells the story of the first ‘surf-hippies' that explored Europe for waves and adventure in the 1960s, in doing so sparking a new coastal sub-culture. In the film we see current surfer Mark Harris and friends tracing the steps of these pioneers and tackling Europe’s most iconic surf spots along the way; from the 100ft waves of Portugal to a curious river wave in central Munich!

The film has already picked up 3 best film gongs in the surfing heartlands of California, Hawaii and Rio de Janiero and with further screenings yet to come in Brazil, Hawaii and South Korea, Level Films hope that there’s more to come.

"It’s been wonderful to see how the film has been received in the surf and adventure-travel world. To pick up three best film awards in such prominent surf spots has been an absolute honour and very reassuring that we’ve captured the spirit of surf-adventure. James and I are not surfers so we wanted to make a film that would gain the approval of the hard-core surf community but also appeal to a broader audience of sports and history enthusiasts like ourselves. The film campaign started online as short clips and webisodes but has now grown to something far beyond our imagination. We’ve recently signed two broadcast deals and hope for more, so watch this space." Matt Crocker - Director at Level Films. 

The Endless Winter was made with the support of Ford Motors who showcased their brand and product in the film and online support material. 

Check out the trailer for The Endless Winter here. And film out more about Bristol Media’s own Level Films here.