image for Triangle Design launches in the US

Triangle Design launches in the US

Published on Tuesday, 19th June 2018, contributed by Triangle Design Ltd

Triangle are delighted to announce the launch of Triangle Design in the USA! Triangle Design are a design agency that specialises in retail activation. We have been working with clients in the USA for five years and having a team on the ground located in offices just outside NYC, will help us provide an even better level of service. The team will consist of Dana DeBonta and Allison Dulay - both of whom are highly experienced in the world of retail creative services and were previous Triangle clients.

All creative work will be undertaken here in our offices in Bristol. We have the ultimate advantage of being at work at least 5 hours before our clients which means they can have last minute visuals ready on their email by the time they get into work each morning. Most of our UK clients also have a presence in the US and vice versa – so we will be able to help our clients achieve cohesive branding across these markets.

As Dana put it “Being a recipient of the incredible creative produced by Triangle Design, makes being able to speak about the team and the capabilities so much easier and with passion.”