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Clout Branding refreshes Milestones Trust identity

Published on Tuesday, 18th April 2017, contributed by Clout Branding

Milestones Trust launches a refreshed identity this week courtesy of Clout Branding. The Bristol headquartered charity supports people with mental health challenges, dementia and learning disabilities, providing services from specialist accommodation to supervised activities. They appointed Clout to develop their brand to better reflect their purpose and their pioneering approach to what they do.

Caroline Flynn, Head of Communications and Marketing at Milestones Trust explains:

We commissioned Clout to help us to refresh the identity. We have a great reputation for the support that we offer, but the identity needed to better reflect our strengths and the unique approach to what we do. The new identity is fresh and gives us precisely the kind of standout we had hoped for. Importantly, it creates an appealing employer brand whilst enabling us to showcase some of the rewarding and pioneering work that we do here, in a more engaging way.”

In recent years, the landscape has become particularly tough for those providing support services, as Milestones Chief Executive, John Hoskinson OBE, adds:

“There is a crisis facing our entire sector – media stories about isolated incidents of poor practice in the provision of care have damaged its image as a potential career. And as a sector, we have a responsibility to help reposition these important roles in their true light - as a wonderful, rewarding potential profession. For us, it is vital we attract the best possible people in order to provide the highest quality services.

“With that in mind, our brand now reflects the two key things at the heart of Milestones Trust: firstly that the Milestones team works to the highest possible standard on behalf of every individual we support; and secondly, that those individuals are able to lead fulfilling lives as a direct result of our actions.”

Clout’s approach took the charity’s name as its start point, as Strategy Director Jo Lilford explains:

“The Milestones Trust identity had lost any real synergy with its name, over the years. When we began to talk to people with direct experience of Milestones, we unearthed something distinctive. The support they offer each individual is built to change, continually, literally reaching milestones throughout their support journey. From short term to a lifetime, nothing is static, everything is centred upon change and progress. We wanted to find a way for them to own this idea of ‘milestones’ once more.”

Clout Creative Director Mike Smith expands:

“A number of external factors have created a highly competitive environment for charities like Milestones Trust. Their brand message and identity had become weaker and less relevant over time. We looked to simplify their identity and create a stronger visual link to their name and purpose once again, whilst giving a nod to their original identity. A new tone of voice reflects their creativity and their positivity, moving them away from the clichéd sector language around ‘person-centred care’. The whole brand now feels vibrant, dynamic and relevant.”

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