Looking for a career in social media? Join the #SMWiBristol #DigitalSquad

Published on Thursday, 3rd November 2016

We’re assembling a team to cover the amazing live events throughout Social Media Week Bristol. We’re looking for 6 volunteers that can commit to various sessions throughout the week who will:

  • Attend a number of events throughout the week free of charge (many now sold out)
  • Be trained in how to cover live events on Twitter with best use of imagery, video and live streaming by Dan Izzard.
  • Build your profile online and offline with big names from the world of social media.
  • Have a chance to write-up your coverage and be published on the Bristol Media website.
  • An incredibly jazzy #DigitalSquad t-shirt (extent of jazzyness TBC).

About you

  • You are free for the week 14 -18 November 2016 to attend sessions and provide coverage across a number of networks
  • You don’t already work for a social media agency
  • You are thinking about, or investigating a career in social media

Sound good? Please send an email to Dan Izzard, our #DigitalSquad leader and #SMWiBristol ambassador at hello@dropthemic.digital and tell us why you want to be on the team and help us achieve our #DigitalSquadGoals.