image for OMGrenegade Launch 360 Selfies at Social Media Week

OMGrenegade Launch 360 Selfies at Social Media Week

Published on Thursday, 20th October 2016

OMGrenegade Limited (OMGrenegade), the Bristol based digital content agency will launch new service innovation, 360 Selfies at Social Media Week Bristol.

360 Selfies are a unique way to engage with attendees at an event, by offering them a personal takeaway that can be shared on social media. Not only do 360 Selfies allow the reach and impressions of an event to grow while the event is happening but by participants sharing the short 360 Selfies, wider audiences on social networks can also engage with the event.

The activation brings the latest, lightweight cameras together with a portable alternative to the traditional ‘bullet rig’ filming system. This ensures the ability to produce as many high-quality, video selfies as possible, during an event.  

“360 Selfies are really exciting, as they maximise event buzz but also help generate engagement with those following on social media. They’re a natural progression from the traditional, photo-booth installations and with endless possibilities for lenses, lighting, backdrop and branding, each organisation can stamp its own identity on the final videos,” commented Laura Pride, Founder & Director, OMGrenegade.

Former BBC TV reporter Laura founded OMGrenegade, after identifying a gap in the market for quality video production at events, filmed specifically for social media. The agency produces exclusive, backstage interviews with VIPs, keynote speakers or sponsors. All are filmed and edited during the event and published in near real-time. This increases the ‘value-added’ experiences for audiences on social media, whether there, or watching online.

OMGrenegade already has an impressive list of clients including Western Union, Peperami, QA Training, Volvo UK, Looe Music Festival and the Federation of Small Businesses. The range of corporate and creative clients is a reflection of the current demand for quality videos on social networks.

OMGrenegade are a sponsor of Social Media Week Bristol and will be showcasing 360 selfies at Social Media Week’s closing party.

“OMGrenegade is proud to be Bristol based and Social Media Week provides the perfect platform to launch 360 selfies as well as highlight the collective strength of the creative, digital and tech sector in our region”, commented Laura.