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July 11th - 5x15 Bristol

Published on Friday, 8th July 2016, contributed by 5 x 15 Bristol

Join us for another 5x15 Bristol on Monday 11th July, at The Tobacco Factory Theatres (7.30pm. £15/£12 concessions)

5 speakers, 15 minutes, no scripts. 

You're in for a treat with our scorching hot summer line up:

Viv Groskop, comedian, presenter and author will be speaking on why we need more female role models and how we can "Be More Margo"

Professor Jerry Brotton, the academic and bestselling author will talk about Islam in the Elizabethan era, and how it can shed light on the current crises in Syria and Iraq.

Lliana Bird, DJ, presenter and co-founder of Help Refugees, a grass roots organisation that has become the biggest provider of aid to Calais and Dunkirk will talk about the new age of humanitarian giving and people power.

Ed Gillespie is a writer, communications specialist, serial entrepreneur and futurist. He will propose a new narrative for our time.

MC Joe Peng is Laid Blak's lead vocalist, a mentor and a youth worker. He will talk about identity, the trials of being a mixed race gypsy and how they spurred him to give back.

There are still a few tickets left: