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Gibe launches new Naturalmat website

Published on Monday, 5th October 2015, contributed by Gibe Digital

Gibe is delighted to announce that Naturalmat, a natural fibre and organic mattress retailer, has now launched its new, fully responsive website  The site is built using the latest versions of Gibe's own ecommerce platform, GibeCommerce and CMS specialist Umbraco.

Focusing on simple, clean design, the new site engages the user effortlessly. Visually appealing photography and a clear layout combine to provide a consistent and fluid user experience across all devices, resulting in a quick and enjoyable customer journey.

Before Gibe could begin work on a new site for Naturalmat, they needed to find out about its production and retail processes, as well as its customers' buying behaviour. A visit to the company's purpose-built premises in Devon enabled them to learn how Naturalmat sources sustainable and renewable raw materials to produce high-quality natural fibre and organic mattresses. Gibe also gained an understanding of the decision processes involved when customers choose a new mattress. These insights played a central role in the overall design and user experience created for the new site.

Gibe learnt that consumers are typically happier spending more on a sofa than on a mattress, despite the fact that they will spend a crucial eight hours on that mattress every night. One of Naturalmat's key propositions is that the health benefits of a decent night's sleep are much improved by sleeping on natural fibres; with this in mind, Gibe felt it essential to design a site that would explain the importance of a good mattress, specifically a naturally sourced and produced one. The site has therefore been designed using narratively-driven web pages, weaving storytelling and ecommerce elements neatly together. Naturalmat prides itself on great customer service, so, in the absence of a trained Naturalmat sales representative, the new site now features a mattress-selector tool. Taking the customer through a series of steps based on size, comfort and filling, the mattress selector will offer the product most suited to an individual, based on their personal requirements.

The new site is built on a secure, fast and reliable GibeCommerce & Umbraco platform providing a powerful and feature-rich ecommerce experience that has been optimised to run quickly, providing a satisfying front-end experience.

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