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I wish I'd done that!

Published on Thursday, 25th April 2013
We asked 25 Creative Directors to choose their Top 5 favourite campaigns of all time. These great ads are chosen by Richard Spruce, Creative Director at Stuff Advertising

Richard Spruce, Creative Director Stuff Advertising

Richard is an award-winning creative with over 20 years experience in advertising and design. Formerly Creative Group Head of McCann Erickson Bristol, Richard has also enjoyed time at Brookes & Vernons, Hall Harrison Cowley and Rhythmm, working with clients such as: Legal & General, JCB, Galaxy Radio, Bristol Zoo, Nationwide Building Society, Future Publishing, Bridgestone, Lloyds TSB, Vision Express, Britannia Building Society, Bristol Evening Post, HSA, Aventis Pasteur, Page & Moy and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

1. The Guardian – Points of View TV ad (Skinhead)

This classic TV commercial from the mid 80’s is probably the first time I ever really sat up and took notice of an ad. I had gone to see Top Gun and left the cinema with a desire to work in advertising rather than be a fighter pilot.

2. Fisher Price – Anti-slip rollerskates DPS

This is just one of countless ads taped to our wall at Art College as inspiration but it’s the one I remember most. I love the use of space and how it gets you to visualise what’s not there. So much more powerful than actually showing the kids on their arses!

3. The Big Pilot’s Watch – Ambient media

Ambient media solutions are a great tool for creativity and this is a wonderful example. These customized hand straps were placed in an airport shuttle bus, giving passengers the perfect opportunity to see how the watch would look on their wrist.

4. Berrge Tattoo Parlour – QR code recruitment ad

I’m not a big fan of QR codes, which is probably why I like this ad so much. To apply for a job, tattoo artists had to fill in a QR code by hand in order to scan it and download the application form. A great way to test an applicant’s artistic ability and by far and away the best use of a QR code I’ve seen.

5. Moulinex – Outdoor

Outdoor ads have to be simple and striking in order to be effective so this ad from Saatchi’s Israel ticks all the right boxes. As a copywriter I love the way it gets the message across just using a headline. Great use of a limited budget too.

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