Skype - Is it a bubble or a cloud?

Insight from Withy King into the IP battle between SKYPE and Sky

Published: 08-Jun-2015

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The changing landscape of registered designs: how best to ensure protection

Magmatic, maker of the Trunki, known as both a Dragon's Den reject and a great British success story, has lost the Court of Appeal battle to protect its registered design. Technology & Media expert Jessica Bent analyses why this happened and suggests what product designers need to remember to maximise their protection.

Published: 15-Apr-2014

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Lush Vs Amazon - The battle continues

In December last year, Withy King reported on the David vs. Goliath battle between Lush and Amazon. The story has now developed with the High Court ruling that Amazon did in fact infringe Lush's trade mark.

Published: 05-Mar-2014

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